Sub-letting Your Static Caravan

Can You Earn While You Own?

When deciding whether to buy a static caravan, it stands to reason that you will want to consider what it will cost you to run annually and what, if anything, you can make by hiring out such an asset to others when you are not using it. As you would expect, the amount you can charge for renting it out depends on a few things; namely the size and type of park it is on, the position of your pitch and the popularity of the resort it lives in. Though in the majority of cases you are not permitted to live permanently in your holiday home, you can use it as often or as little as you wish. It goes without saying that not two Static Caravan owners are the same, they all have the same fees and running costs to bear.

These include (but are not limited to):

* insurance
* site fees
* rates
* utilities (gas, electricity, water)
* safety tests

There are a number of ways to consider how to off-set some or all of these costs by renting out your van to other holiday makers. First of all you can choose to advertise your holiday home privately, but in order to do so at the very minimum you will need to consider:

* building and maintaining a website
* making a facebook page and updating it regularly
* advertising on caravan websites and/or static caravan hire on eBay

Checking what others are renting their vans out for on eBay is a good way to work out what to charge. Remember, if the holiday parks do it for you, you won’t necessarily be getting their brochure rate as they give discounts for a lot of late or last minute bookings. However, like with most things, the more time you spend on managing your own rentals, the more revenue you may be likely to generate. So if you are hoping to let it out for the majority of the time and just plan to use it occasionally, it may be worth your while investing the time and resources into managing your own bookings. There’s a lot of work involved in this and though it’s not difficult to learn to do this, it does take some computer skills and internet awareness (such as understanding how the search engine rankings work) and having the time for the constant up-keep those things require. There are many free platforms that you can build websites on, but they may have limited features and unless you own a domain name that ranks well when people are searching you may have less success in general. There are also some free websites out there you can advertise on, but some you have to pay for that may be more effective.

For this very reason many of the larger parks offer managed sub-letting schemes in order to take the headache out of it all for you. Some will tell you themselves that it is entirely up to you how often you rent it out, but some do require you to guarantee them around 6 peak weeks for sub-letting. That means you really do have to consider when you want to use the van for yourselves and whether you have any restrictions such as school holidays that need to be factored in.

However, at the prospect of getting some revenue back that could result in your having little or nothing of your running fees to pay, some people consider it well worth the percentage that the large park operators take for looking after it all for you. In general you do remain in control of things with them just representing your interests, it’s not like signing you van away but remember to check the small print! Services vary from site to site, so it’s vital that you speak directly to the operator or the individual park concerned. But generally the fees they charge include marketing your caravan for you, taking bookings, cleaning between bookings, providing bed-linen, and maintenance.

Take a look at some of the schemes around:

Park Dean have 24 Parks mainly in the South West & North West of England and South Wales
Park Dean Holiday’s Sub-Hire Scheme

Haulfryn have 12 locations in the South West and South East of England and in North Wales. Their sub-letting schemes are available at Edgeley, Finlake, Devon Hills, Bossiney Bay and Praa Sands and are managed individually by each park. Here is their Haulfryn Sub-let Scheme

Park Holiday’s have 23 Caravan Holiday Parks across the southern UK coastline from Devon in the West to Suffolk in the East – they are the largest provider of Caravan Holiday Parks in the South of England Park Holiday’s Sub-Hire Scheme

Remember that these larger operators have good marketing abilities and can do very well when it comes to reaching people who will book your caravan and as well as marketing using their own resources, they will often use agents like Hoseasons that can help to generate bookings.

Our advice is to talk to other owners, and pick their brains about the pro’s and con’s and also pick up the phone and chat to the operators too. As you would expect offers and terms can be ever changing in the tourism, but with more and more people opting to stay in the UK and take a holiday here rather than paying over the odds to get on a plane and go abroad, this could be the perfect time to make an investment that has every chance to a good return.

By: Rachel Redwood

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