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This is the time of year that certain sectors of the holidaymaking public rejoice for a simple reason. The kids are back at school! Which means that prices start plummeting, and holiday parks tend to quieten down. This means the pool is going to be a bit emptier, as will be the beach and pretty much everything else.

One of favourite holiday park vendors is Hoseasons, because they have the greatest range of holidays on offer. And just because they don’t own the parks they advertise doesn’t mean that they’re going to be more expensive, in fact, the opposite!

So, we though we’d pop over to their website to see what deals are currently on offer, and we very happy with that we saw (although not surprised). Over the next two weeks they have a whopping 2,403 holidays on offer, starting at a paltry £81 for a 4 night break, and that’s in a caravan sleeping up to 8 people (£2.50 each a night! crazy prices!).

Hoseasons Latest Holiday Offers

First up is a collection of caravans on the Kinmel Bay Holiday Park in Rhyl, North Wales. Starting the week 07/11/2016 there are several choices of caravan starting at £81. Could be a good choice of a break for a group of friends who don’t mind sharing and want to save their money for a bit of fun out on the town.

Further down south is a 3 night break for up to 8 people at Dawlish in Torquay starting the 11/11/2016. Whilst not guaranteed, the weather is likely top be a lot better than most of the rest of the UK for the break. And there’s plenty to see and do in the area including some fantastic beaches and seclude coves. You may not be taking a dip, but a bracing walk along stunning coastline really blows the winter cobwebs away!

And, there are loads more breaks on offer, it’s all down to how far you want to travel and what you want when you get there. We do love the Hoseasons website as it has great search features to help you choose the break that’s right for you. fancy a private hot tub? Just tick the box in the search results and your holiday choices will be refined (currently 343 private hot tub breaks available over the next two weeks).

There are too many options to list here, so we suggest you head on over to the website and see what they’ve got for you this winter. Check out Hoseasons holiday offers here.

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