Woodburner Holidays

Woodburners are slowly becoming a real selling point for holidays. It gives the place a real ‘earthy feel’. Sending the kids out to get more logs for burning is one of those chores that is easily accomplished, and it gives the kids a sense of accomplishment. Smiles all around!

View the Woodburner Holiday list here.

While we primarily cater to visitors looking for caravan holidays, we also like to offer options. Obviously you won’t find many (if any) caravans with a wood burning stove, so, if you want one you may just have to ‘put up with’ a lodge holiday!

Well at least you have 845 options to choose from if you go with Hoseasons. Why Hoseasons? We’ve read the independent reviews, and the feedback and scores are generally excellent. That doesn’t mean that we haven’t seen any bad reviews for Hoseasons. However, when we’re doing our homework, if we ever come across an operator that doesn’t have some negative feedback it sets alarm bells ringing. It’s human nature that someone will be unhappy no matter how good something is, and if that doesn’t exist, then we tend to suspect that the results have been manipulated.

Anyway, back to the Woodburner Holidays! (View the Woodburner Holiday lodge list here).

Where are they? As you can see from the list below, there’s a disparity between regions.

Heart of England (380)
Scotland (32)
South West of England (401)
Wales (12)
North of England (20)

Availability (as of May 26th 2017). These figures will change as holidays get booked up. As you can see, August Holidays have pretty much been booked up already. This applies not only to Wood Burner Lodges, but all holidays this year, the staycation is on the rise!

June 2017 (184)
July 2017 (94)
August 2017 (11)
September 2017 (157)
October 2017 (122)
November 2017 (122)
December 2017 (147)

The exact locations are too numerous to list on this page, but if you follow the link below you will be taken to the full listing. Once there, you can add all sorts of filters to your holiday search. You can look for Wood Burner Lodges with hot tubs, pet friendly, and a whole load of other criteria. Happy hunting!

View the Woodburner Holiday lodge list here.

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