Frank Says Caravans are Knock Out!

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Caravans have an unlikely champion in the shape of former world champion boxer, Frank Bruno, who’s a huge fan of his park home in the Isle of Sheppey, Kent.

While it might not have the weather, Frank’s static is better than the Caribbean according to the much-loved former boxer who became a popular entertainer as well as boasting one of Britain’s best ever boxing records.

Frank has had a much-reported battle with mental illness after being treated for bipolar disorder in 2003. And it’s the peace and quiet of his seaside home-away-from-home that’s helping him KO his condition the former fighter told the Daily Mirror.

“When it came out I was buying a caravan, people were laughing at me and saying I must be broke. But I don’t care. The truth is I feel very happy, the best I’ve felt for a long time. I’m getting stronger, in body and mind.”

The native Londoner first experienced the British seaside in less happy circumstances, while attending a school for disruptive kids near Hastings. These days his haunt on the Isle of Sheppey is a much more peaceful experience of a traditional coastal holiday town.

The Isle of Sheppey is only just an island, linked to the mainland by a bridge and a favourite with holidaying Londoners. It’s great caravan territory with a number of parks making the most of its long coast and towns like Sheerness, which has a popular seafront.

Frank paid £54,000 for his two-bedroomed home with a decked sea view. It’s a bargain according to its owner, who rates it as a better retreat than an apartment he bought in Marbella a few years previously.

It’s the peace and quiet that’s so key to Frank, who credits being able to switch off by the sea as a major factor in his improving health.

“Stress causes a multitude of problems so I want to delete a lot of that stress. That’s why I bought this spot. You can see the sea all the way around. I watch the boats go by as I chill and recharge my battery. When I come out here I listen to some music, do some training, go for walks, read, watch TV. I feel very happy, the best I’ve felt for a long time. I’m getting stronger.”

He’s using his new-found strength to fight for better care for people with mental health problems, forming a foundation for young people and adults with mental illness and helping to launch high profile campaigns like Time to Change.

Following recent research on the mental health of young people and possible links with the reduced amount of time modern youngsters spend outdoors it seems like fresh sea air gets another vote as a real tonic.

There are lots of caravan and park home camps on the Isle of Sheppey, which is also a great place to watch sea birds.

Ashcroft Coast Caravan Park is a top-notch family park where dogs are allowed. It’s got indoors and outdoors pools, a spa and good access to local beaches.

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